MAPP, a consultancy based in Paris and Brussels, offers microeconomic analysis services with a focus on competition issues. Since its creation in 2007, MAPP has been steadily growing and gaining experience. Our reports have been presented to competition authorities and courts in many jurisdictions, including the European Commission and European courts.

We cover the entire range of analyses relevant to complex competition cases, in the fields of merger control, unilateral conduct, restrictive agreements, and State aids.

We also provide assistance in the field of damage evaluation, both in cases where damages result from antitrust infringements and in cases where they result from other types of conduct.

Our strong points are:

  • our proximity to the academic world, which ensures that our work is informed by the most recent research in economic theory and econometrics;

  • our ability to combine scientific rigor with a focus on clarity of expression, so as to explain complex matters as simply as possible;

  • our ability to handle large and complex databases, using various types of statistical software, including some developed in-house;

  • our extensive experience. MAPP participated in competition cases before many different competition authorities and courts, in a variety of industries.

MAPP has been ranked as the best antitrust economics consultancy in France by the specialized journal Décideurs – Stratégie, Finance, Droit.

In 2018, MAPP became a subsidiary of KPMG France. Combining our skills and experience with KPMG's expertise in accounting and financial analysis and its broad geographic and sectoral reach will allow us to take MAPP to the next level and further enhance the services provided to our clients.