Competition economics is our initial activity. We have been involved in many cases in the fields of merger control, unilateral conduct, cartels, and State aids. Our reports have been submitted to competition authorities and courts in many different countries.

Damage evaluation, initially a part of our work in competition cases, has grown to become a field in itself.

We are used to working with lawyers and courts and we take great care to express complex ideas as clearly and concisely as possible, without sacrificing technical rigor. In all our assignments, we try to combine 'high-tech' theoretical models and quantitative techniques with a detailed understanding of the markets at stake. This allows us to subject our results to a common sense check and to make them more relevant.

MAPP’s clients include many large European, American and Japanese corporations, active in many different industries, including media, banking, telecoms, agriculture, energy, sports, consumer goods, retailing, transportation, chemicals, the automotive industry, and raw materials.